"For The Record", my daughter Leah's documentary on record collectors,
will be given its world premiere next Saturday May 30 at ARSC and
thereafter will be available on DVD, but right now you can see a preview
of segments on YouTube.

First is the Roll Call of Collectors, the segment of the closing credits
where the collectors who are profiled state their names.  You will hear
some familiar names -- and will now have the faces and voices to place
with them.

Next is a segment that discusses places where collectors used to meet --
The Record Research Associates, better known as "The Syndicate" -- and
where they now meet on the web -- the 78-L.

Then comes a segment about another place where collectors and
collections meet -- The Association for Recorded Sound Collections.

And lastly, for now, is a segment featurinig Bill Bragg of , a long established nostalgia network where I
broadcast on Sunday nights at 11:30 PM Eastern time.  Bill is also known
as the voice of Big Tex, the very tall greeter at the Texas State Fair. 
Bill tells a story about how a recording resurrected a woman's long dead

I cannot cite the usual disclaimers because I have a particular interest
in this program as the proud papa and one of the interview subjects, but
I hope you don't mind.

Mike Biel   [log in to unmask]