I also have a Proper Box (UK).

It's a nicely 4 cd set with a nice booklet with beautiful design and many
nice pictures, together with an informative discography of the recordings it
It's called "Hillbilly Boogie", PROPERBOX 50.

It was rather cheap, maybe it was for the price of two "normal" CD's or
about that.
I have found out that it is cheap since they concentrate on recordings older
than 50 years; then they don't have to pay any expensive royalties. Also no
notes about licencing from the "original" record labels.

This box was digitally mastered by one Peter Rynson at Tall Order Mastering.
It sounds mainly ok, though I don't think they use any original parts, but
exactly what they use, I don't know. Anyway, it don't sound as "crystal
clear" that for instance full priced high quality CD's from Bear Family etc,
that also PAY royalties and state licensing information from the original
labels ....


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Emne: [ARSCLIST] Proper Box UK


Does anyone have some facts on Proper Box UK, specifically on their Machito
set? Did they have 
access to metal parts or laquers or are these garden variety 78 transfers?
Who did the transfers? 
Lots of processing or minimalist? I couldn't find any audio samples online.

Thanks in advance if you know the facts.

-- Tom Fine