Hi Steve, "Ironbut,"

   I'm  working my way down on the replies to the 1 inch 2 track ATR  
posting I sent a day or two ago.

   I met Mike , Bette and Bill two years ago when I signed up for a  
class on ATR 101. It was a 5 hour trip from Richmond ,Va. so I drove  
up the night before. Everything went wrong. My F350  had a low tire  
when I left the hotel to drive to ATR Services. I went the wrong way   
on the interstate and drove to ATR on an almost flat tire. I was over  
dressed and ,due to the excitement, my Mitchum  broke down. ---:-)

   I picked up my ATR 102 about a year ago and soon after one came up  
on ebay. Legacy Studios in Manhattan. Pick up only , no shipping. I  
was the only bidder at $2400. An ATR 104 with multiple head blocks,  
power supplies and audio cards. It was purchased from Mike Spitz a  
few  years earlier and never used as the Legacy tech knew  Studer  
machines and not ATR's .

   The last ATR machine came available a month ago. An ATR 1-2 with  
Aria electronics and an extra 1/4 inch head  block with 20 hours of  
use. The devil made me buy it--

   The Precision Motor Works machine that mates the MR 70 electronics  
to an ATR  is a beauty, I hope to hear one some day.

   I spoke with Momma Doc today about  the possibility of asking   
Paul Stubblebine if he'd be willing to supply a transfer of a tape  
project  issue on 1 inch tape. I hope to hear from him soon .

   If I had a choice of a 1 inch transfer it would be TP 05, 07 or  
any of the full scale classical titles they offer.  Personally, I  
don't see the value of spending  $$ on a transfer with a limited  
number of instruments. Spend the $$ and listen to a musical works   
that tax a playback system with dynamics that can only be replicated  
with a full symphony  orchestra, my thoughts- I may be wrong.

   Steve, thanks for the reply from a TTP member, you put your money  
where your mouth is.

   Ken Fritz

On May 27, 2009, at 7:55 PM, carlstephen koto wrote:

> Hey Ken,
> I recall that you live near and have visited Mike Spitz at ATR  
> Services (I remember you took his alignment class a few years  
> back). I would assume that you either purchased your 1" ATR from  
> him or have had him service it. As a couple of folks have said, it  
> could very well be the ultimate solid state mastering machine. I  
> know that some studios such as Fantasy did do 1/2" 2 tracks (I have  
> a Dexter Gordon from them) but I don't know of any golden age  
> studios that used them. Aside from Mike, MTR Precision Motor Works  
> also used to set up 1" 2 track mastering machines.  You may want to  
> contact them both and contact the studios that purchased these  
> machines and perhaps you can strike a deal to at least hear these  
> masters.
> Regarding the Tape Project, I'm sure you know that Paul  
> (Stubblebine) has two 1" 2 track machines that are used in the  
> production of our tapes. One is an ATR with Tim de Paravicini's  
> custom electronics while the other is an MM1200 with MR70  
> electronics ( I believe that Mike Spitz set this machine up when he  
> was still located in San Mateo). I'm sure you could commission a  
> couple of custom tapes to be produced for you . I would hurry  
> though. They have purchased the rights to produce a limited number  
> of releases and I would certainly try and get a 1" copy of "Waltz  
> for Debby" and "Saxophone Colossus"  if I were you (they'd be as  
> close to exact duplicates of the master as you'd ever get).
> Steve Koto
> On May 26, 2009, at 7:58 PM, Ken Fritz wrote:
>>   Hi Lou,
>>   I'm a subscriber to TTP and appreciate the quality that tape  
>> delivers.
>>   I'm hoping to find a few listers that have studio tapes from  
>> groups that never made the big time but cut great sounding tapes.  
>> I've managed to purchase tapes from  now defunct studios in  
>> Memphis and LA but all are 1/4 or 1/2 inch two track at i5 or 30  
>> ips. I'm hoping to find a few 1 inch two track tapes if they're  
>> out there.
>>   thanks for the reply, Ken Fritz
>> On May 26, 2009, at 9:04 PM, Lou Judson wrote:
>>> No Beatles on on inch 2 track as far as I know.
>>> But you can probably pay these guys to make you some tapes to  
>>> play on your new toy:
>>> <>
>>> Worth asking anyway!
>>> <L>
>>> Lou Judson  Intuitive Audio
>>> 415-883-2689
>>> On May 26, 2009, at 5:43 PM, Ken Fritz wrote:
>>>>   Hi Listers,
>>>>     I'm probably one of the few on the list that is an "  
>>>> Audiophile." That translates to "Music is fun and not a  
>>>> business."  "Thank God" might be the next phrase  but since my  
>>>> business supplies tooling to those that manufacture solid  
>>>> surface and cast marble to the construction industry I think  
>>>> we're both in the same boat. To the point!
>>>>  Analog tape is where the great recordings started and I'm  
>>>> keeping it going by filling my home with around 20  or so analog  
>>>> RTR machines. I belong to an audio group in Richmond Va. and  
>>>> they all marvel at the sound of tape. I just bought a one inch  
>>>> two track ATR and have nothing to play on it. I feel like I just  
>>>> bought a tuxedo and only have a pair of brown shoes--- no place  
>>>> to go!
>>>>   If anyone out there has a one inch two track tape  that would  
>>>> show off what my machine can do and would CONSIDER sending it to  
>>>> me I'd appreciate it. The Genre isn't as important as the  
>>>> musical content.  If a lister has a safety copy of the Beatles,  
>>>> any recording, I can send an armed carrier along with my first  
>>>> born for insurance-:),  Any and all costs and insurance would be  
>>>> covered, of  course.
>>>>    any reply will be appreciated,  Ken Fritz