Dear all,

does anyone have experience with keeping duplicates on Amazon S3. It seems
to be an easy and affordable solution for off-site storage. I've seen a blog
where the guy calculated that S3 was cheaper than paying the electricity
bill ...


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On Thu, May 28, 2009 at 2:51 AM, Adrian Cosentini <[log in to unmask]>wrote:

> Hmm, I never got anything less than 500MG to 1 TB maybe that has something
> to do with it. Anyway after 8 years they all spin up and are playable /
> readable. Maybe I'm just lucky. Of course I back everything up from other
> hard drives (glyph) and DVD-ROM to service copies, CD-ROM and Maxtor. Am I
> over cautious?
> Adrian
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> files
> On May 27, 2009, at 3:09 PM, ADRIAN COSENTINI wrote:
>> That's funny I've been using LaCie's for the past 8 years with no
>> problems, as opposed to some others out there. Maybe it's because I  use a
>> Mac., but even in a windows environment, the LaCies have been  rock solid.
>> Adrian
>>  … until they aren't. I bought four 80 gig Lacies once on sale and now
> have three that work, that's 25% failure. The mere fact that they do
> not specify the drive inside, and the warranty is so short,
> disqualifies them for me. Plus I can't get the cases open even after
> warranty expires!
> Glad they work for you. Have any ever died on you yet? I have over 60
> living Seagates, none dead (yet?). 2 WD, 50% dead. These are all IDE
> drives.
> And yes, Seagate put out a series of duds a year or so ago. I was
> lucky, and two 1.5TB and two 1TB are fine.
> Now moving on to SATA and the jury is still out!
> and 100% Mac here.
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