FYI-Many of the Kodak acetate base tapes I've encountered over the  
years have exhibited rather severe VS. As Mike pointed out, you  
definitely want to keep these tapes separated from any other acetate  

The degree of problems I've encountered with the Kodak stocks varies  
widely. If they were not stored in ideal conditions, be prepared to  
see a fair amount of shedding, especially if the base is already  
cupping. You may also have problems with the oxide peeling from the  
base. If this is the case, I would suggest getting some professional  
help, as it were.

Depending on the exact condition, there are a few possible solutions  
to the problems you might typically encounter, much too long to go  
into here. However, there is hope, as long as the oxide is still  
adhered to the base.

Scott D. Smith
Chicago Audio Works, Inc.

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> The box says Kodak and has a sticker that says 'durol base, new high
> strength triacetate' - the reel itself has not additional info and yes,
> it is separate from everything else (probably by accident by thank
> goodness).
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>> We have some reel to reel, probably early 60s with a strong vinegar
>> smell and some very visible cupping.
> Can we have the brand and type data for this tape if you know it?  And
> it should be noted that this tape should be kept away from all other
> tape and the machines fully cleaned after playing it.
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