I agree with you Stephanie that most cataloging tools esp Catalogers Desktop
can intimidate the most experienced cataloger just navigation wise.  I used
to use it regularly on thejob and quite honestly, when students go out to
their first professional positions, there often are less and less senior
staff around or who have time of their own to walk new staff through
cataloging tools beyond maybe a few hours in the beginning.  Like all parts
of library work today, new graduates, will also be expected to develop
skills using all technologies--that goes for cataloging work, but also in
reference -databases etc   I encourage students to develop those technology
skills as soon as they can--sure they complain and whine, but that is how
working in libraries and other information organizations will be for them
Expectations are high for new graduates coming into the workforce in terms
of skill or at least the willingness to embrace it without too much
difficulty.  It is true that one has to really know what it's called before
they find it, and what section they can find that answer in, if they really
don't know any skills yet, that makes it even more intimidating at first.
I try to remind my students that everyone continues to learn on the job
every day and be willing to tackle more technology on a regular basis-it's
just a reality today for everyone.
just some thoughts on this....

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On Wed, May 20, 2009 at 5:07 PM, Stephanie Jefferson <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> I don't see how ANYONE could learn to use any of the cataloging tools from
> the Desktop ...  BRUTAL.  Maybe it's just me ... After you know EXACTLY what
> you need to look up (and what it's called--exactly and literally, or where
> it is) ...
> Conversely,
> The links to the RIs and MARC formats are wonderful!
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