At the University of Tennessee we also use Taylor's (now Taylor and
Joudrey) Organization of Information for our introductory course.


Our next level up cataloging and classification class uses Taylor's
Introduction to Cataloging and Classification.  


I don't use papers in the intro class although they do have to write
short essays (1-1.5 pages) on midterms and finals.  I do give my
cataloging students the option of writing a literature review (8-10
pages) on various topics as an alternative to the final.  Ones I suggest
include the list below although they may choose any topic they're
interested in once we make sure there's enough material.  


Classification (or cataloging) in specialized libraries (e.g., law,
medicine, or music)

International authority control issues

Map or cartographic cataloging

Cataloging electronic resources 

Cataloging internet resources

Classifying or cataloging fiction or other genre

Cataloging art materials or realia

Cataloging costs


RDA/Resource Description and Access

Authority control issues

Faceted classification

Serial cataloging

Cataloging in museums or archives


Lorraine Normore

Assistant Professor

School of Information Sciences

University of Tennessee