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Darrell Shiplett

AFFTC Technical Research Library

Edwards AFB, CA



From: Lahoski, Carol Civ USAF AFMC 812 TSS/ENTL
Sent: Tuesday, April 28, 2009 3:15 PM
To: Shiplett, Darrell Civ USAF AFMC 812 TSS/ENTL
Subject: AFFTC Technical Library List #09-66


Excess List #09-66




2nd IEEE International Pulsed Power Conference, 1979

ACM Conference on Personal & Small Computers, 1983

Aerospace Simulation, 1986

AIAA Aerodynamic Deceleration Systems Conference, 1966

Applied Mechanics: Fluids, 1971

Assembly Language Quick Reference, 1989

Basic Electricity, Rev ed., 1977

C Programming Guidelines, 1984

Circuit Design Idea Handbook, 1972

Direct Drive Engineering Handbook, 1985

Dynamics of Airplanes, 1958

Engineering Mechanics Vol. 1 Statics, 1978

Flight Simulation, 1986

Guide to Theses & dissertations: an International Bibliography of Bibliographies, 1985

Have Fun At Work, 1988

How to Interpret TV Waveforms, 1972

Indexed Guide to Modern Electronic Circuits, 1974

Magnetic Technology Direct Drive Engineering Handbook, 1985

Magnetic Technology Motion Control Engineering Handbook, 1985

Probability & Stochastic Processes With a View Toward Application, 2nd ed., 1986

Proceedings of the First Annual International Robot Conference, 1983

Proceedings of the Seventh Symposium On Operating Systems Principles, 1979

Reliability, Maintainability & Supportability Guidebook,1990

Review of U.S. Military Research & Development, 1984

Schaum’s Outline Series Theory & Problems of Feedback & Control Systems, 1967

Schaum’s Outline Series Theory & Problems of Thermodynamics, 1972

Strategic Assessment Institute for National Strategic Studies, 1995

Structured Systems analysis: Tools & Techniques, 1979

Theory of Turbomachines, 1964


Carol Lahoski

AFFTC Technical Library


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Edwards AFB, CA 93524-3360

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