I’m working on a presentation to help people who want to be federal librarians fill out their applications so they can actually get hired, and I need your help.

Here’s why I want to do this:

I have been greatly disturbed to find that new MLS Librarians are applying for our library technician jobs because they don’t think they meet the requirements, as stated in the announcements, to apply for a librarian job.

I’ve known of people who didn’t make a list because they didn’t understand they needed to fill out the locality preference tables and include the geographic location of the job they are applying for.

I’ve seen someone not make a list because they listed as the lowest salary they would take an amount higher than the base salary of the announced position.

I’ve seen people, especially new librarians, greatly undersell themselves when answering KSA’s so they don’t make the “rule of three” cut on the list.



Some of these problems may be unique to the Navy application process. But some are not.  I’d like to get a list of application problems/issues with ways to address them, including those that may be agency specific.  I know that we can’t cover every contingency, but, if we can help people do a better job of applying we will all benefit.


How you can help -

What I’m looking for are either experiences you had applying for federal positions that would help other people in filling out the federal application, or experiences you have had as a hiring official with problems like those detailed above that have kept people that you knew were interested from getting on referral lists. 


If you can help me with this please either email me or call me on my direct line 703.784.4764 or at the number below.


Thanks in advance. Carol


Carol E. Ramkey

Director, Library of the Marine Corps

Marine Corps University

Quantico VA


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