I really appreciate all the good input I’ve gotten and look forward to getting more info and to talking in more detail to some of you who emailed me.  To those who have asked if this will be made available, it will be. I will be doing a presentation about this through FLICC later this year.


I would also like to remind everyone that in conjunction with SLA  there will be a special session on how to become a Federal Librarian on 13 July at the Library of Congress  - see –

for time, place and registration info. I encourage you to sign up for this if you are in town and are looking for help with federal applications.


Jon Barry, the new head of OPM, has indicated very strongly that he wants to streamline and improve the hiring process, but we don’t know how long that will take.  Until then we need to continue to help people navigate what John Barry called the “ghastly”  federal hiring process. So I will keep working on this project.




Carol E. Ramkey

Director, Library of the Marine Corps

Marine Corps University

Quantico VA


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