> The issue, synthesizing Ross's message:
> SRU has an XML  schema registry at
> OpenURL  has a registry of metadata formats:
> it includes (but is not limited to) XML schemas.

> Is it possible/feasible to agree on one or the other, or will (must) 
>we continue to use the SRU-registry identifiers for SRU and the OpenURL 
>registry identifiers for OpenURL?

Yes, in principle.  Also OAI-PMH metadata formats would be good to bring 
into line as well.

However it would require OpenURL and OAI-PMH people to agree...

> (I really do strongly request that we resist the temptation to take 
>this thread off-course, like making absurd suggestions that the 
>identifer for a schema should be its namespace URI.  If you want to 
>talk about that, please initiate a new thread.)