Hammond, Tony writes:
 > > I propose the simplest possible solution (and also the only one
 > > that we, the ZING community, can implement unilaterally: let's
 > > throw away the SRU-specific schema identifiers and use the
 > > OpenURL ones in SRU.  If we do that, then hopefully our example
 > > will encourage others (OAI?)  to follow suit.
 > I can see the merit in that (throw away all the SRU schemas), but
 > the thing that bothers me is new schema being registered (which I
 > am currently anyway in process of doing for PAM :).
 > The problem is that we are dealing with different applications and
 > different communities with their own perspectives and agendas.
 > I wouldn't necessarily want to have to submit an XML schema
 > intended for an SRU search app to the OpenURL approval process
 > without that process becoming more agnostic as to its
 > application.

I take your point.

 > I'm not familiar with how that process operates but feel that it
 > might not be as straightforward as all that. The process is anyway
 > outlined here [1] and includes periods of trial use.

"The timelines for the whole process will take anywhere from nine
weeks to nine months, depending on the complexity of the submittal and
the timeliness of review responses."  Not good.

The way to do this would be to pick your URI and submit that specific
identifier as your proposal, so that when they finally get their arses
in gear nine months later, what they rubber-stamp is what you've been
using all along.

 > For now, though, I am going to continue to register the schema we
 > need with the current SRU registry.

Well, at least try to propose for SRU purposes the same URIs that you
hope to have adopted by OpenURL.

 > [1]

Submittal?  What kind of word is that?  What's wrong with submission?

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