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> From your email it seems that your film though in bad state
> can be salvagable...
> In your case your garage
> is not climate controlled and you have kept the film in the
> garage for a long time.

I don't think this film can be saved.  It's badly buckled
to the point that it hasn't been projectable in 10 years.
That's why I put it in the garage, so it wouldn't "infect"
other films (which wasn't nearly the threat I'd originally
imagined).  There are some old commercials spliced into
the reel, so it will be interesting to see, as I take
it off the reel, how badly they've been effected by exposure
to this bad film.

> However, I
> urge you to take the film to a lab if it is of value to you
> so that they cam make a preservation copy for you which you
> can them use on a telecine. A buckled film will be difficult
> to use on the telecine. I hope this helps

Well, although I'm a big fan of Perry Mason, I really don't
think it's worth the expense to strike a dupe from a film
this far gone.  And I'd imagine that for what Alpha Cine
would charge to clean and copy it, I could buy dozens more
episodes off Ebay.  :-)  My main concern with the dessicant
is to try to pertect other, more personally valuable films,
before they begin to deteriorate.