I have a copy of The Nut Cracker with Dorati and The London Symphony, it 
is a Mercury Living Presence 35mm Mag recording. They mention wider, 
thicker and faster in the notes but what were the specifics?

Did it run faster than 30 ips?


Tom Fine wrote:
> Hi All:
> Another listmember kindly pointed me to a Billboard article from June 
> 3, 1967 - "Spectra-Sound Films' Records" - indicates L.A.-based 
> Spectra-Sound studio was offering 10- and 12-track 35mm capability 
> (not clear if it was on single custom-format machines or via machine 
> rooms of 3- and 6-track standard-format machines) for music-album 
> production.
> Does anyone know of any albums recorded at this studio with the 
> "tracking" medium being 35mm? I couldn't find any among my Project 3 
> albums from that time period. As far as I know, by 1967, only Project 
> 3 was regularly using 35mm mag-film for record-album production. 
> Command Classics made 35mm recordings in Pittsburgh in the spring of 
> 1967 and the spring of 1968, but Command's regular flow of pop albums 
> at this time were exclusively or almost exclusively done on tape.
> Anyway, any info on Spectra-Sound's use of 35mm to record music-albums 
> would be appreciated. As far as I knew until this article, the only 
> west coast studios to make 35mm albums were United and Radio 
> Recorders, both for Mercury's short-lived f35d series.
> -- Tom Fine