At 02:53 PM 2009-06-11, Goran Finnberg wrote:
>Eric Jacobs:
> > I have Scotch 201 (acetate base) and Scotch 206 (polyester base,
> > back coated) in two dozen alternating segments.  The Scotch 206
> > is very sticky.
>But is it really sticky shed?
>I have over 500 reels of Scotch 207, LP version of 206, and all reels play
>as new with almost zero shedding of any sort.
>BTW, I donīt deny what you have seen, Eric, I just wonder if it is truly
>sticky shed?

Hello, Goran and Eric,

I recently played with an NOS reel of 3M 206--you 
may have seen the high-end-loss experiments I ran 
and posted on the ProAudio List. That reel showed 
some shedding but it wasn't SSS. It was more 
shedding like the Agfa tape I commented on a few months ago.

I also wonder if we know for sure that it was 206...



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