I was under the impression it was just for American artists.


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Jim has a good point. Why is the Who in the LOC registry? Are there any Ventures, Seeds, Strawberry Alarmclock, Hourglass? Also, as much as I love the Who, they've freely admitted that their early stuff was heavily copped from James Brown, Motown, Stax, Duke/Peacock, etc. Why not put the original source material in the Registry first? The Who album that belongs in the all the registries is "Tommy" and perhaps "Quadrophenia." Those were truly something new and different.

-- Tom Fine

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This is par for course, really.  The date for Brown's Live at the
Apollo was wrong before.

Also, any one want to place a bet on how many more British,
Boomer-idol rock stars get theirs before an American punk or metal
band?  I find it fascinating that there's plenty of proto- and
post-punk, but no punk.  Kinda want to go to Vegas and place a bet
that we'll see "Stairway to Heaven" on the registry before "Blitzkrieg
Bop," "Nervous Breakdown," or "Master of Puppets" (or even "Shout at
the Devil").

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> Taking Mike Fitzgerald's lead, I would also like to point out the following
> error in the LOC announcement:
> 23. "2000 Years with Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks," Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks
> (1961)
> The secret to living 2000 years? "Never touch fried foods!" In their party
> routine first performed for friends, Mel Brooks played a 2000-year-old man,
> while Carl Reiner, as the straight man, interviewed him. After much
> convincing, the two writers for Sid Caesar’s "Your Show of Shows," recorded
> their ad-libbed dialogue for a 1961 album. Interview subjects ranged from
> marriage ("I was married over 200 times!") and children ("I have over 1500
> children and not one of them ever comes to visit!") to transportation ("What
> was the means of transportation? Fear.").
> The above album was recorded and released in 1960 by Richard Bock as World
> Pacific WP-1401. Steve Allen wrote the original liner notes. Bock later
> sold the masters to Capitol Records. The Capitol LP release used William
> Claxton's photograph of Reiner and Brooks that appeared on the World Pacific
> album.
> Jim Harrod