If you cannot make it to East Orange,you ought to consider doing a "virtual show" for Mac   he has one of the more popular shows on WFMU,and they are always looking for a similar show to run on alternate Tuesdays.
This site :   is very popular.I've even learned of the existence of certain records that I was completely unaware this :

Wagner - The Meistersingers - Overture
Edison Bell Velvet Face 523
Matrices X1163K-1, X1164F-2
Recorded 1921
Available from October 1922
Goossens Orchestra, Eugene Goossens

If you have this,or any other other Goosens on Edison Bell Velvet Face,I would be very interested in buying them.

I would love to own the original 1920 pressing of this Ecosaises

As well as early Beechams like this `1916 (?) Columbia

I have quite the want list of unusual Columbia and Victor classical,mostly acoustic sets,if you have any you want to unload.If you have any early classical piano Aeoleon-Vocalions...

There are quite a lot of shellac blogs out there.Classical,jazz,kiddie records and general pop.

With all you talk about here,I'm  sure  you could do as well or better.


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> Maybe it's an age thing, but I can't see any reason for physical stores for music since Amazon took off. I haven't bought a book or CD from a physical store in probably a decade now. And downloads trump even that because not only are they convenient, they are near-instant gratification. Now if only full 44.1/16-bit downloads would go down to 99 cents or less per song and be commonplace, we'd finally be at a reasonable "new paradigm." As it is now, the only places not selling lossy-compressed audio downloads are places like HDTracks (Chesky) and Linn, and they charge a big premium for them compared to lossy album prices.
Well...IF I can get my old "record player" up and running...and IF (as I suspect)
the ceramic cartridge output will work well when plugged into the "Line In" jack
of my computer's sound card...I will be able to make available around 100,000+
digital versions of my 78 holdings! No charge, but donations will be gladly

There MUST be listeners waiting anxiously to hear all my Grey Gull B-sides?!

Steven C. Barr