I recently bought three Lps,by Wilhelm Furtwangler, that were issued in 1984,by The Bruno Walter Society of Japan to commemorate the 30th anniversary  of  Furtwangler's death.

Vol.4 OZ-7587-BS Beethoven Symphony No.7  Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra Symphony No.1 Stuttgart Radio Orchestra 1947/30 March 1954

Vol.8 Oz-7591-BS Tchaikovsky Symphony No.5  Italian Radio Orchestra,1952

Vol.9 OZ-9592-BS Furtwangler Conducts Music of the 20th Century Ravel Rhapsodie Espagnole RAI Torino Orchestra  3March 1952/Debussy Nocturnes Berlin Philharmonic 1 May 1951/Stravinsky Le Baiser de la  Fee (Divermento) 18 May 1953

There are 13 other titles listed on the back of the OBI in this seies.These are all in Japanese.Does anyboody know what they are ?

Does anybody have a complete listing of all titles that the societyy put out on all artists?