Once again, I've run across a record to which we added a new subject 
heading that we proposed through SACO and coded the record as BIBCO, which 
another library later removed the heading from the record.  I presume that 
the cataloger removed this heading because it was not yet in the authority 
file in OCLC and so they thought it was not valid.

It would be good if catalogers at PCC libraries could be reminded that if 
a record is coded as PCC and there is a subject heading that is not found 
in OCLC's authority file, there is a good likelihood that the heading has 
been proposed through SACO.  They can check on that by searching the LC 
Authorities website (  Headings submitted to SACO are 
considered "pre-approved" and thus can be included on PCC records even if 
the heading is not yet approved by LC PSD.



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