On behalf of the IFLA FRANAR Working Group, I am pleased to forward this announcement of the publication of Functional Requirements for Authority Data.  Information about ordering the print volume are below.  An online version is planned for IFLANET later this calendar year.

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Just off the press:

New IFLA Publication:

Functional Requirements for Authority Data

This book represents one portion of the extension and expansion of the Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records. FRBR has been published as Nr 19 in the present Series. It contains a further analysis of attributes of various entities that are the centre of focus for authority data (persons, families, corporate bodies, works, expressions, manifestations, items, concepts, objects, events, and places), the name by which these entities are known, and the controlled access points created by cataloguers for them. The conceptual model describes the attributes of these entities and the relationships between them.

The current functional requirements were drafted by IFLA's Working Group on Functional Requirements and Numbering of Authority Records (FRANAR) which was established in 1999. Since 2003 IFLA is sharing responsibility for FRANAR with the Conference of Directors of National Libraries (CDNL).

Editor Glenn E. Patton has been the Chair of the FRANAR Working Group since 2002.

Functional Requirements for Authority Data - A Conceptual Model

Edited by Glenn E. Patton

München: K.G. Saur. (IFLA Series on Bibliographic Control; Nr. 34)

ISBN 978-3-598-24282-3

Euro 59.95 / for USA, Canada, Mexico US$ 84.00.

For IFLA members Euro 49.95 / for USA, Canada, Mexico US$ 70.00


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