Will the links to the digital surrogates go directly to the digital 
objects on your server, or to the digital objects in a database (if 
they're stored in a
database now)?

Burt Altman

At 10:02 AM 6/12/2009, you wrote:
>Megan and Barbara,
>Minnesota Historical Society has a few EAD examples for AV material 
>-- although none of the film, video or sound recordings are yet 
>available as linked digital surrogates.  We just started making 
>finding aids to the sound and visual collections this past year but 
>have completed about 28 so far.
>  the same sound 
>recordings in master, digital submaster, and digital user formats.
>  primarily a 
>collection of video recordings, but includes some photographs with a 
>finding aid link into our visual resources database.
>You can view the EAD encoding through your browser source view.
>We'd be happy to hear any comments, suggestions you have about our 
>encoding or description.
>Monica Manny Ralston
>Archival Processing Manager
>Minnesota Historical Society
>Voice: 651-259-3360

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