Hi Megan --

We usually do item-level descriptions for AV items, but I'm not sure I understand what you're asking.  Could you elaborate a little?


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Subject: Collections with AV materials - thanks and a question

Thanks so much to everyone who provided examples of EAD description of
audiovisual materials.  

Looking through the examples you've shared, a question occurs to me.  I
notice that many of the descriptions take the form of an item-level
inventory. For those who take that approach, is your EAD descriptive content
somehow integrated with another system for describing items?  

Here at AAA, we have a system for handling item-level description that
mostly at this point functions independently of our EAD description.  I
think our approach is not uncommon.  

I'm not a programmer, but it seems like an opportunity for integration of
data and workflow.  

Thanks for any thoughts on this.