Regarding the Metadata Standards and Applications preconference, the fees are set by ALCTS.  As far as I can see they're identical to those for the other preconferences, except that this is a 2-day rather than 1-day workshop, so ALCTS I assume has twice the cost for facilities, equipment, and food.  I think Janet Hill made some good points about costs. We presenters volunteer our time (8 hours each day with no honorarium) and cover our own expenses for two extra nights hotel. 

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I have to check the registration on the Friday event,  I know I had also 
seen the fees for the Metadata workshop, which are *considerably pricey 
IMHO.*  / best Karen W 
Thursday, July 9th - Friday, July 10th *Metadata Standards and Applications: 
A "Cataloging for the 21st Century" Workshop* 

This two-day preconference explores metadata standards and applications for 
bibliographic control in the 21st century. The goal is to relate what 
participants already know about library catalog metadata to digital library 
metadata, preparing them to apply current knowledge to new areas. Not 
primarily a “hands on” workshop for learning how to create metadata, 
exercises are included, providing a solid foundation in current metadata 
concepts, standards and issues for digital libraries. *Speakers:* Steven 
Miller,  University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; Jennifer Lang, Princeton 
University Library. 

Registration is open.  Sign-up for these exciting pre-conferences through 
the 2009 ALA Annual Conference registration web site at: 

*One day registration fees:  *$199 ALCTS Members; $249 ALA Members; $289 
Non-members; $99 Full-time Library School Students. 

Metadata Standards two day registration fees: $339 ALCTS Members; $389 ALA 
Members; $439 Non-members; $150 Full-time Library School Students. 

For more information, contact Julie Reese, ALCTS Education & Meetings, 
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ALCTS is a division of the American Library Association 

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> Whats the breakdown by registration type (i.e. student etc ) ? 
> Thx, kw 
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>> I wish I had a say in that but that is the decision of a person higher-up 
>> on 
>> the ALA totem pole than me. Not too many people seem to be wary of it---we 
>> have over 100 registered so far. ;-) 
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