FLICC invites you to join your colleagues at a joint  Natural Resources
Information Council at the Library of Congress Madison Building Mumford
Room (6th Floor) on June 19, 9:30-3:30.  Registration fees will be
waived for federal attendees.  More information available at .

Speakers and topics include:
1. Tom Lahr (USGS) – USGS Biological Informatics Program

2. Andrew Jones (Williams College) – Migratory bird monitoring tools
and data – Saw Whet Owls

3. Joseph Weber (Virginia Natural Heritage Program) – Use of
geospatial data to analyze Natural Heritage Program resources

4. Pamela Arroues (Montana Dept of Environmental Quality) – Quality 
Analysis, Reporting and Documentation system (WARD), Library Internet
Search Application (LISA) and the Clean Water Act Information Center

5. Dean Walton (University of Oregon) – Recent Hi-tech tools 
(GeoPhyloBuilder, Bibapp, & SPecify) for data analysis, management, and

6. Anne Roy – (USFWS) The finding what’s hard to find in the Fish
Wildlife Service.

7. Stuart Gagnon (University of Maryland) - Federal inter-agency
effort, CEAP (Conservation Effects Assessment Project), and the Water
Quality Information Center's efforts to support the national
evidence-based program in place to evaluate agricultural conservation

8. EPA – EPA Libraries

For questions about the conference, contact Dean Walton, Ph.D., 
Science Librarian /Assistant Professor, University of Oregon, Eugene,
OR (541) 346-2871.

For questions about access to the building, contact the FLICC office at

There will be an optional field trip to Great Falls MD on Saturday June