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From: Lahoski, Carol Civ USAF AFMC 812 TSS/ENTL
Sent: Wednesday, May 27, 2009 9:37 AM
To: Shiplett, Darrell Civ USAF AFMC 812 TSS/ENTL
Subject: AFFTC Technical Library Excess List #09-76


Excess List #09-76




GAO/T-AIMD-98-22 – Chief Information Officers Ensuring Strong Leadership & an Effective Council, Oct 1997

GAO/T-AIMD-98-63 – Year 2000 Computing Crisis FAA Must Act Quickly to Prevent Systems Failures, Feb 1998

GAO/T-AIMD-98-73 – Year 2000 Computing Crisis Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation’s Efforts to Ensure Bank Systems Are Year 2000 Compliant, Feb 1998

GAO/T-AIMD-98-161 – Year 2000 Computing Crisis Continuing Risks of Disruption to Social Security, Medicare, & Treasure Programs, May 1998

GAO/T-AIMD-98-167 – Year 2000 Computing Crisis USDA Faces Tremendous Challenges in Ensuring That Vital Public Services Are Not Disrupted, May 1998

GAO/T-AIMD-98-170 – Information Security Serious Weaknesses Put State Department & FAA Operations at Risk, May 1998

GAO/T-AIMD-98-251 – FAA Systems Serious Challenges Remain in Resolving Year 2000 & Computer Security Problems, Aug 1998

GAO/T-AIMD-98-266 – Year 2000 Computing Crisis Strong Leadership & Partnerships Needed to Address Risk of Major Disruptions, Aug 1998

GAO/T-AIMD-98-267 – Year 2000 Computing Crisis Avoiding Major Disruptions Will Require Strong Leadership & Effective Partnerships, Aug 1998

GAO/T-AIMD-98-312 – Information Security Strengthened Management Needed to Protect Critical Federal Operations & Asset, Sep 1998

GAO/T-AIMD-99-223 – Information Security Recent Attacks on Federal Web Sites Underscore Need for Stronger Information Security Management, Jun 1999

GAO/T-AIMD-99-266 – Year 2000 Computing Challenge Important Progress Made, Yet Much Work Remains to Ensure Delivery of Critical Services, Aug 1999

GAO/T-AIMD-99-267 – Year 2000 Computing Challenge Important Progress Made, But Much Work Remains to Avoid disruption of Critical Services, Aug 1999


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