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Darrell Shiplett

AFFTC Technical Research Library

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From: Lahoski, Carol Civ USAF AFMC 812 TSS/ENTL
Sent: Wednesday, May 27, 2009 9:37 AM
To: Shiplett, Darrell Civ USAF AFMC 812 TSS/ENTL
Subject: AFFTC Technical Library Excess List #09-75


Excess List #09-75




GAO/RCED-98-226 – Airfield Pavement Keeping Nation’s Runways in Good Condition could Require Substantially Higher Spending, Jul 1998

GAO/RCED-98-241 – Superfund Information on the Status of Sites, Aug 1998

GAO/RCED-98-246 – National Airspace System FAA Hs Implemented Some Free Flight Initiatives, but Challenges Remain, Sep 1998

GAO/RCED-99-54 – Nuclear Nonproliferation Concerns With DOE’s Efforts to Reduce the Risks Posed by Russia’s Unemployed Weapons Scientists, Feb 1999

GAO/RCED-99-66R Observation on Projection of Future Air Traffic Congestion, Jan 1999

GAO/RCED-99-114 – Federal Research Evaluation of  Small Business Innovation Research Can Be Strengthened, Jun 1999

GAO/RCED-99-173 – Technology Transfer Number & Characteristics of Inventions Licensed by Six Federal Agencies, Jun 1999

GAO/RCED-99-176 – Surface Transportation Moving Into the 21st Century, May 1999

GAO/RCED-99-242 – Technology Transfer Reporting Requirements for Federally Sponsored Inventions Need Revision, Aug 1999

GAO/RCED-99-254 – Indoor Pollution Status of Federal Research Activities, Aug 1999

GAO/RCED-00-25 – Superfund Information on the Program’s Funding & Status, Oct 1999

GAO/RCED/NSIAD-97-8 – Nuclear Nonproliferation Implications of the U.S./North Korean Agreement on Nuclear Issues, Oct 1996

GAO/RCED/OGC-98-172R – Telecommunications: Court Challenges to FCC’s Universal Service Order & Federal Support for Telecommunications for Schools & Libraries, May 1998

GAO/T-AIMD-96-2 – Weather Forecasting Radars Far Superior to Predecessors, but Location & Availability Questions Remain, Oct 1995

GAO/T-AIMD-96-60 – Governmentwide Travel Management Federal Agencies Have Opportunities for Streamlining & Improving Their Travel Practices, Mar 1995

GAO/T-AIMD-96-66 – Budget Issues Deficit Reduction & the Long Term, Mar 1996

GAO/T-AIMD-97-38 – Managing Technology Best Practices Can Improve Performance & Produce Results, Jan 1997

GAO/T-AIMD-97-51 Year 2000 Computing Crisis Strong Leadership Today Needed To Prevent Future Disruption of Government Services, Feb 1997

GAO/T-AIMD-97-52 – Year 2000 Computing Crisis Risk of Serious Disruption to Essential Government Functions Calls for Agency Action Now, Feb 1997


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