Hello All,

Lucas gave helpful information wrt the very small percentage of [lav] that 
appears to be more specifically Latgalian in the Library of Congress (and 
even smaller proportion known to be Samogitian--though that actually 
relates to Lithuanian, not Latvian). That would indicate that separating 
Latgalian from Latvian without a split or a change to [lav] to the scope 
of macrolanguage would be acceptable.

However, I would like to forward this note from one of the two distinct 
requesters, and ask the thoughts of the JAC specifically on the question 
of which is approach is preferred by the JAC:
simply allowing the creation of a separate code element for Latgalian in 
Part 3, with no change to [lav]
change [lav] to a macrolanguage, with the constituents of Standard Latvian 
and Latgalian.

The requester has noted the decision made in the 2009 series of changes 
for ISO 639-3 with regard to Estonian, and sees it as a good pattern to 
follow. He also supplies some additional information on development 

Thanks in advance for considering and responding.


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Re: Inclusion of Latgalian language in ISO639

Dear Joan,

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> Hello Janis,
> Another individual has initiated a request to add Latgalian to the ISO
> 639-3 standard. Thank you for the additional information you supply. I
> anticipate I will be able to post more information on that request to 
> ISO 639-3 website within the next few weeks. It is a complex situation
> because of the relationship to Latvian.

I'd like to add some more information on the subject:

a week ago I submitted an initiative document regarding this problem 
to the States Language commission (SLC) of Latvia. Knowing from whom 
came the first initiative could be helpful to unite the efforts and 
get academic support for the issue. As far as i know, this initiative 
does not comes from the memebers of SLC as the person (professor 
A.Stafecka) in lead of Latgalian grammar subcommission was absolutely 
unaware about it and actually encouraged me to write respective letter 
to SLC).

Yes, I agree that the process could be not easy. As I see it at the 
moment is that the Latvian should be changed to macro language (as out 
neighbours - Estonian) and added Latgalian as the sub-language (also - 
like in the case with Estonian and Voro). That example showed that the 
intitiative group of Voro changed the est status and succeeded in 
introduction of Voro.

Sincerely -

Janis Eisaks

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> Subject
> Inclusion of Latgalian language in ISO639
> Dear sirs,
> I am working at the development of the spellckecking tools for Latvian
> language and, as I feel the main part of the work is comming to an
> end, I wanted to do the same for my mother tongue - Latgalian (I am
> Latgalian speaking and writing).
> My work can be seen at, where both projects -
> Latvian and Latgalian - are listed.
> Unfortunately, it is not possible to use Latgalian as the document
> language, because it is not listed in respective international
> standards (ISO639-3 particularly), only mentioned in ISO639-2 as the
> member of Baltic language group, which does not help to solve the
> issue with spellchecker's identification.
> Can you tell me what procedure must be followed to initiate an
> inclusion of Latgalian language in the standard??
> To give some more information on language for more info please see:
> Sincerely yours -
> Janis Eisaks
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