Patrick kindly has put Martha Kyrillidou at ARL in touch with me about 
the possibility of my offering an ARL sponsored METS workshop.  Since my 
preliminary discussions with Martha, Nancy and I have decided that the 
workshop is something that we would really like to work on together. 

I have attached a very preliminary, draft proposal for an ARL sponsored 
METS workshop.  Although the direction this proposal takes reflects some 
input from Patrick and Nancy, at this point the draft primarily reflects 
my early thinking.  (Nancy hasn't had a chance to comment on it in 
detail yet).  In any event, we would be very interested in the board's 
input on the proposal.  In particular, we would like the board's 
thoughts on the proposed focus of the workshop and how this aligns with 
current METS educational needs.  We are also interested in the Board's 
sense of other current METS educational needs that might be met by METS 
workshops with somewhat different focuses.  (We may end up proposing 
more than one possible workshop). 

Talk with you all on Thursday.


Rick Beaubien
Software Engineer, Research and Development
U.C. Berkeley Library

Contact information:

88 Herrada Rd
Santa Fe, NM 87508