The METS Editorial Board has made two additions to the METS wiki which we hope will expand and facilitate discussions about the future directions of METS. 
  1. On the METS Schema Revisions Requests page (, we have opened up a new "METS 2.0" request section with a link to a METS 2.0 change requests page.  When community members wish to suggest schema changes that would not be backwards compatible with versions 1.x of the METS schema, they may add them to this branch of Schema Change Request section of the wiki. Note that currently there are currently no definite plans to implement a version 2.0 of METS, nor has any discussion of possible 2.0 changes been scheduled. However, this section of the wiki will help guide the board in its considerations about the timing and substance of future changes to METS.
  2. On the METS wiki home page, we have added a link to an "Expanding METS" discussion page.  This branch of the METS wiki provides a place for community members to suggest and discuss ways to expand the functional support provided my METS without formalizing these suggestions as specific schema change requests. 
We hope that these additions will help facilitate discussions that can constructively lay the groundwork for the future directions of METS.

Rick Beaubien
Rick Beaubien
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U.C. Berkeley Library

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