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PREMIS Editorial Committee to analyze PREMIS conformance

As practical experience in implementing, managing, and using the  
PREMIS Data Dictionary has accumulated, the issue of conformance has  emerged as an important concern among implementing repositories.    Therefore, during the summer and fall of 2009, the PREMIS Editorial  Committee will be working to develop a PREMIS conformance statement  that is:

*more detailed, providing a precise definition of what PREMIS  
conformance means, in light of emerging use cases, and
*more actionable, of practical use as a resource for assessing the  
conformance of a particular PREMIS implementation.

A more detailed and actionable PREMIS conformance statement would be  beneficial in several repository functions and scenarios that the  
Editorial Committee plans to examine, such as:

*Inter-repository data exchange
*Repository certification
*Automation/reusable tools
*Vendor support

More information on this initiative will be forthcoming soon. The  
PREMIS Editorial Committee invites PREMIS implementors and potential  
implementors to submit additional use cases and conformance questions  
to the PREMIS Implementors Group List.

To join the PREMIS Implementers Group go to:

PREMIS Editorial Committee

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