NLS Operations Alert

no. 09-29

DATE  : June 1, 2009

TO    : Network Libraries
FROM  : Deborah Toomey

Subject :      Digital Talking-Book Machine Inspection and Maintenance training

The Digital Talking-Book Machine Inspection and Maintenance training module is now
available online on the Network Library Services web site at  The
module will teach library staff to:                         

-- assess returned standard (DS1) and advanced (DA1) players prior to sending
them out to other patrons
-- perform routine maintenance functions
-- determine when or if the digital players should be returned for warranty

To view the module, please enter your library or machine-lending agency username and
password, select the "Digital Transition Information" link on the site, and then select
"Training" under the subtitle "Latest" items. A link is also available at the bottom of the page
under the subtitle "Training."

The site may be used in conjunction with the braille, audio, or PDF versions of the __Digital
Talking-Book Player: Models DS1 and DA1 Library Guide.__  To access any of the three
formats, select the "Documents" link at the top of the first "Inspection and Maintenance"
page and then scroll to the bottom of that page.
Digital Talking-Book Machine Inspection and Maintenance is the second of four training
modules that will be available on this site.  The home page provides links to the remaining
two modules that are not yet completed: Braille and Audio Reading Download (BARD) Use
and Support and Digital Talking-Book (DB) Duplication.  When these  two modules are
selected, an "under construction" notice will appear.

During the prelaunch phase, your feedback is especially important.  To provide feedback on
the training, or if you have any questions, please e-mail [log in to unmask]  Suggested
changes to the training pages will be incorporated as appropriate.

For more information contact:

Deborah Toomey
Head, Network Services Section
[log in to unmask]