You could put conference location in originInfo/place. We defined it as "origin information" so it is defined rather broadly, rather than calling it  "publication information". This is because we considered that some resources are not published and other places and dates of origin are important (e.g. capture, creation, etc). You could then include your conference date as you described in the same originInfo statement. If you also needed a publication statement you could repeat originInfo with place and dateIssued.

As for conference number, MODS does not currently have a special place for it (so far it has just been part of the controlled conference name of course). You could consider two choices: 
<note type="conference number"> 
Note types are uncontrolled (we document what people have used on the MODS site)
You can define your own elements under mods:extension, so it could be:

I don't know if others have tried to do this sort of thing.


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Dear all,

I guess I should introduce myself. I am currently involved in the Open
Archive @ FAO, it has as main objective the integration of the FAO's
electronic publishing, digital information repository, and the bibliographic
cataloguing requirements. I am trying to implement MODS in the FAO Fedora
content as the core/default metadata in FOXML.

I am now mapping our legacy data (ISO-2709) to MODS. It is going pretty well,
but I have gotten stuck on trying to map the MODS XSD to a conference paper
model. We would like to keep its own element or attribute and not in with the
conference name. Is there anyone who can give me any advice about where to
put 'conference location' and 'conference number'? For 'conference date' I
have already looked at the possibility of using originInfo/date
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Thanks a lot in advance!

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