Dear MODS implementers:

There is a proposal in front of the MODS/MADS Editorial Committee to add the EDTF date format <> to the list of values for the encoding attribute in the MODS date elements. This has led the Editorial Committee to think about other date formats used in our community that MODS might need to implement. One that comes to mind is the TEMPER spec (<>, <>). We understand some revision/maintenance of TEMPER is happening, although not very publicly so it is a bit unclear at this time if institutions are considering TEMPER a viable date format to use. Are any MODS implementers using TEMPER at this time or have plans to? Is it necessary or desirable for MODS to add "temper" as a value for the encoding attribute on date elements?

Thank you,
Jenn Riley on behalf of the MODS/MADS Editorial Committee

Jenn Riley
Metadata Librarian
Digital Library Program
Indiana University - Bloomington
Wells Library W501
(812) 856-5759

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