Network Bulletin  No.:   09-17
Date:        July 31, 2009

Subject: Reference Materials  
Index term:   Contact information for NLS Staff; Physical Handicaps: A Selective Bibliography; and
Address List      Regional and Subregional Libraries for the Blind and Physically Handicapped               

Enclosed are three new items from the Reference Section, as follows: 

--Contact information for NLS staff. Please note that this list is arranged by organizational
structure as well as alphabetically by last name. This revised list will also be posted in the online
Network Library Manual.

--Physical Handicaps: A Selective Bibliography, 2009, No.  09-01, stock number RE007. This
publication will also be available online at 
Additional copies of this publication may be ordered from your multistate center.  
--Address List Regional and Subregional Libraries for the Blind andPhysically Handicapped,
June 2009, stock number DI001.  Please note that the information contained in this list was
provided to NLS by the respective libraries as of March 12, 2009.  The most current contact
information is available at 

For further information contact:   

Dawn W. Stitzel                         
Head, Reference Section
(202) 707-9276
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