No:  09-15

      Date:   July 2, 2009

      Subject:    Excess and redistribution program (XESS)
      Index term: Summer-Winter 2009 XESS cycle announced

            XESS, the process that allows libraries within NLS regional conferences to dispose of
            unneeded copies of books, will continue operating on monthly cycles throughout 2009. 
            The cycle schedule is as follows:

            CYCLE    MONTH      CONFERENCE
             07      July        Western
             08      August      Midlands
             09      September   Northern
             10      October     Southern
             11      November    Western
             12      December    Midlands

            Cut-off numbers for July to December 2009 are: 

            BR 16300
            FD 39885
            RC 63000
            RD 24200

            Please note the following:

            1. Offering libraries may submit items during the entire assigned month.
            2. Books will remain in XESS for ninety days before disposal is approved.
            3. Network libraries may add book requests to their "Wanted" lists throughout the
            All other aspects of the XESS process will remain the same.  The XESS contractor will
            run the comparison process each month and offering libraries will receive mailing cards
            for books requested by other network libraries.  Offering libraries will receive a disposal
            list on the next book comparison after an offer has remained in XESS for ninety days. 
            Upon receipt of the list, libraries may request mailing cards and bag tags from Dorothy
            Moore, Inventory Management Section, by phone at (202) 707-0775 or by e-mail at
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            Please retain this bulletin for your reference.

            For more information contact:    
            Stephen Prine
            Assistant Chief, Network Division
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