NLS Operations Alert

No. 09-38

DATE  : July 21, 2009

TO    : Network Libraries
FROM  : Robert Axtell

Subject :      MARC download for retrospective titles

MARC record sets are now available for titles announced during the two retrospective copy
allotment cycles.  Libraries will have the choice of downloading just the titles they select or
the entire set.  Moreover libraries may specify whether they want the full MARC records or
short MARC records.  

To make your choices and to download the MARC sets, go to the Retrospective Copy
Allotment page at 
and select one of the following links:

--    Full MARC records for my order

--    All full MARC records

--    Short MARC records for my order

--    All short MARC records

Your browser will prompt you to save or open the file.  If you select "save," a dialog box will
open so that you may place the file in the computer directory on your hard drive.

For more information contact:

Robert Axtell
Head, Bibliographic Control Section   
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