Mr. Arakawa,
   The statement "DLF Registry" may refer to me. I may have entered the program for cooperative cataloging without a real understanding of what I was doing. I put it in my favorites thinking it may help me in my cataloging work, but I did not know I was suppose to be contributing records, which is something I cannot be doing from work. Apparently I am in the "Registry" and if this is a problem, and if you can do so, please remove my name from the Registry.
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Subject: [PCCLIST] Some Provider-Neutral E-monographs questions

I've taken a look at the recommendation, and one thing wasn't clear to me. What would be considered best practice when copy cataloging records for e-books where the cataloging pre-dates the new standard? When copy cataloging using records for physical books, I think it is common & accepted practice to leave the description as is but adjust the headings. But if the object of the new standard is to purge the description of provider specific descriptive elements, leaving the original description as is would seem to be problematic. Anyway, I hope this is addressed in the forthcoming documentation. (Perhaps PCC could define all e-book cataloging done prior to the standard as being the equivalent of DLF Registry cataloging, which would excuse the cataloger from any further editing when copy cataloging. Just kidding, I think.)

Another question. Use of 776 is recommended, but the assumption seems to be that one is cataloging on OCLC Connexion, which provides programming support to do all of the heavy lifting; strictly manual entry of 776 looks pretty time consuming to me. What about libraries that do their cataloging on the local ILS? Do they have any other options that could be recommended?

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Subject: Provider-Neutral E-monographs implementation date

The provider-neutral record for e-monographs (final recommendations: and proposed PCC
practices for online series
( were recently approved
by the PCC Policy Committee. The original implementation date of July 17
is being moved to August 1st 2009 to assure that complete documentation is
in place and some additional changes incorporated. I will send out a
message letting you know when this is available.

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