Correction: In the previous announcement we incorrectly listed "Brian
Westbrook" as presenting a case study on University of California San
Diego's PREMIS implementation. This should have read Bradley
Westbrook. Our apologies to Brad. The corrected announcement is below.


Register now for the PREMIS Implementation Fair!

On October 7, 2009, the PREMIS Editorial Committee will sponsor a  
free, one-day PREMIS Implementation Fair at the Presidio's Officers'  
Club in San Francisco. The PREMIS Implementation Fair immediately  
follows iPres 2009, the 6th International Conference on Preservation  
of Digital Objects, held in San Francisco on October 5-6.

The PREMIS Implementation Fair is for anyone with some knowledge of  
PREMIS who might be planning or is already involved in a PREMIS  

Several PREMIS-implementers repositories will present case-studies at  
the day-long event. Confirmed case studies include:

     * University of California San Diego Libraries (Bradley Westbrook, UCSD)
     * United States Government Printing Office (Kate Zwaard, GPO)
     * Implementation in Italy (Angela Di Iorio, Fondazione  
Rinascimento Digitale)
     * Towards Interoperable Preservation Repositories (TIPR)  
(Priscilla Caplan, FCLA)

Other case studies will be added to the schedule in the upcoming  
weeks. Additional panel discussions will focus on the latest in:

     * Tools for creating and transforming PREMIS metadata
     * Preservation systems
     * Implementing PREMIS in METS
     * PREMIS conformance issues
     * Controlled vocabularies

There will also be time allotted for an open discussion of PREMIS  
implementation issues.

A draft schedule is at:

If you have questions about the event or if you think a tool or  
project from your organization might make an interesting case study at  
the PREMIS Implementation Fair, feel free to contact the PREMIS  
Editorial Committee by visiting or emailing  
Rebecca Guenther at [log in to unmask]

Please excuse any duplication of this message.

PREMIS Editorial Committee

Sally Vermaaten
Digital Preservation Intern
OCLC Research
Master of Science in Information Student, 2010
Preservation of Information, Archives and Records Management
University of Michigan School of Information
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