Would the working group consider other options for <place> besides just lat/long? Geographic extents draw a box around a boundary and provide north/south/east/west limits, rather than just a single point. Of course, extents are not as precise as the actual shapefile boundary, but they would provide more information and are generally available within GIS systems. Then <placeDate> could keep track of boundary changes over time. We plan to use this for querying our database via maps, pulling up different sets of records depending on place and time.

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>>> Daniel Pitti <[log in to unmask]> 8/21/09 9:52 AM >>>
The SAA EAC Working Group is pleased to announce the release of the
EAC-CPF schema and tag library.

The EAC-CPF site is hosted by the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin in
partnership with the Bundesarchiv and is accessible at: 

This release consists of a "final draft" version of the EAC-CPF schema
and Tag Library. The final draft version is being released to provide
the international archival community an opportunity to test the schema
and review the Tag Library in order to provide corrections, comments,
and suggestions for considering to the EACWG before the final release.

The final draft version of EAC-CPF is available for review for 75 days
(deadline October 30th, 2009), and the final version is scheduled to
be released on November 15th, 2009. Please take the time to test the
schema, review the Tag Library, and provide the EACWG with your

The final draft version of the EAC-CPF should be used for REVIEW
PURPOSES ONLY. The Tag Library and examples are working draft
documents and thus NOT NORMATIVE. The schema will continue to be
revised to fix errors and inconstancies, and to refine controlled
constraints on some elements and attributes. No major structural
changes are anticipated.

Please feel free to share this announcement with your colleagues.