Whoops – sorry for the accidental whole-list reply! Unless Joyce wants to tell all of you about her new house…


(also, to clarify, the comment about her previous finding aid announcement refers to the fact that she had done great work on that display herself, and is intended to be flattering and not at all negative.)




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Another new finding aid display announcement from Joyce Chapman? This one isn’t as nice as the last one you wrote to the EAD list about. ;) 


I love how the unit titles are more prominent along the left side of the page, with the container numbers pushed to the right. Here’s to privileging the intellectual! All in all, I think it looks very clean, and (on a minor note) I like the font (what is it? Gil sans?).


One potential(?) bug:

As I’m clicking around between the tabs, it goes smoothly until I click on the “collection details” tab, and then the page automatically jumps down to below the banner, with the page header at the very top. When I click on the other tabs, they open with the banner still visible at the top. I hope that makes sense…


How’s the new job going? And the house?!



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Subject: NCSU implements XTF and new display


North Carolina State University has recently implemented XTF and a redesigned EAD Web display. The new application allows for full-text search, hit counts, faceted browsing, rss feeds to alert users to collection changes, an online bookbag, and an advanced search with options such as digital content only and keyword proximity. The advanced search also offers options for limited the search to certain portions of the EAD. The new display presents finding aids in a tabbed display.

Please have a look at the new search and finding aid display: http://www.lib.ncsu.edu/findingaids/search?browse-all=yes

Comments, suggestions, and identification of bugs are welcome!

A article about the new display can be found here:

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