To answer Michele's casual query:

I'm no expert, but I thought I'd share a little for those who may be
curious: The "hrv" is likely derived from the Croatian language
itself, or *hrvatski
jezik.*  Also, Moldavian isn't the proper name for the language spoken in
the Republic of Moldovan (formerly, Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic).
Now, the language is called Moldovan (*limba moldovenească)*;
linguistically, it is essentially Romanian (formerly Rumanian), but is
termed nationalistically for political reasons -- thus the "mol" and "rum."
The "srp" and "scc" codes have to do with the Serbian Latin (*Srpski jezik*)
or Serbian Cyrillic (Српски језик) scripts in which Serbian has been

Sorry for boring anyone with my semi-educated answer, but I do have an
affinity for minor Eastern European matters.  Feel free to correct where I
have erred.

Happy Wednesday!

~Amanda Ross

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> Last month we upgraded our library search interface to a new tool which
> reads various things from MARC records to enable easy faceted searches, for
> example publication date, language, etc.  Some weird stuff showed up in the
> language facet, and in investigating it, we uncovered an interesting factoid
> which I thought I'd share.  EAD says that @LANGCODE in the LANGMATERIAL
> element should use the ISO 639.2 codes; however, our new search tool
> recognizes only MARC codes.  So I mapped the two to see how different they
> were, and it turns out the two code lists are identical apart from three
> instances.  Interestingly, all three are Eastern European languages --
> Croatian (ISO code hrv and MARC code scr), Moldavian (ISO code rum and MARC
> code mol), and Serbian (ISO code srp and MARC code scc).
> Anyone have any idea where/why they came up with "hrv" for Croatian??
> Michele
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