Recently OCLC implemented the OCLC Training Portal, a Web-based,
customer-centered resource that expands access to quality OCLC training
and related educational opportunities offered by OCLC and its Training
Partners (formerly called OCLC Networks).  As a FEDLINK member, you have
the ability to register for any class on the Training Portal.  Workshops
offered by OCLC can be paid for using your FEDLINK OCLC account.

FEDLINK is working closely with OCLC to ensure that the necessary
information is in the OCLC portal to make the “FEDLINK” option
available and to authorize the activity.  Any FEDLINK member wishing to
pay for training through their OCLC account will need to email the
following information prior to registering through the OCLC Training

- Library OCLC symbol*
- Library/Institution name
- First and last name of registrant(s)
- Registrant(s) email addresses
Please send this information to [log in to unmask], and cc:
[log in to unmask] 
    *NOTE:  Your OCLC symbol is not the same thing as your FEDLINK ID. 
FEDLINK ID’s are four characters long; OCLC symbols are currently
three or five characters.  Email [log in to unmask] if you do not know
your OCLC symbol.)

Billing for workshops provided by the offices formerly known as OCLC
Western and OCLC Eastern (formerly CAPCON) will be billed to your OCLC
account if you select “FEDLINK” as the billing option. The other
option will be to pay with your agency credit card.  FEDLINK IAG points
of contact are responsible for ensuring adequate funding.

If you select to bill through FEDLINK, funds in your current FY2009
“CN” (OCLC Eastern) account should be transferred either to
“OCG” (OCLC) to pay for workshops that will occur in August or
September, i.e. FY2009, or to another account to fund other activities. 
The “move funds” deadline is September 16, 2009.  For questions
about how to move your funds please contact the FEDLINK Fiscal Hotline
at 202-707-4900.

If you click on a workshop offered by another Training Partner, you
will be routed to their web site and can register as you have in the
past.  FEDLINK currently has a contract with Lyrasis, the organization
formed when Palinet and Solinet merged.  Currently funds for those
workshops may be in a FEDLINK “PA” or “ST” account.  Lyrasis and
other Training Partners also can receive payment via federal credit

The OCLC Training Portal is accessible now at

For questions regarding the OCLC Training Portal, call 1-800-848-5800,
or e-mail [log in to unmask]

For questions regarding your FEDLINK funds, please contact Holly Kerwin
at [log in to unmask] or 202-707-4854.