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August 11, 2009
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TJ211 .L847                              1983
    Lonergan, Tom.
    The VOR / Tom Lonergan and Carl Frederick.
TJ211 .R654 1983                         1983
    Robillard, Mark J.
    Microprocessor based robotics / by Mark J. Robillard. 1st ed.
TJ223.P76 B915S 1987                     1987
    Bryan, L. A. (Luis A.), 1956-
    Programmable controllers : selected applications / L.A. Bryan, E.A.
    Bryan. 1st ed.
TJ379 .P647                              1962
    Pincus, Leo I
    Practical boiler water treatment / including air-conditioning systems.
TJ843 .E71                               1960
    Ernst, Walter, 1901-
    Oil hydraulic power and its industrial applications. 2d ed.
TJ910 .B168 1987                         1987
    Baker, Richard S.
    Handbook of electromagnetic pump technology / Richard S. Baker, Manuel J.
TJ935 .G721                              1972
    Govier, George W. (George Wheeler), 1917-
    The flow of complex mixtures in pipes [by] G. W. Govier and K. Aziz.
TJ1077 .S989                             1966
    Symposium on Friction and Lubrication in Metal Processing (1966 : New
    Orleans) Friction and lubrication in metal processing; [papers and 
    discussion] Edited by F.F. Ling [and others]
TJ1186 .A512                             1968
    American Society of Tool and Manufacturing Engineers. Engineering
    Materials Consulting Committee.
    Producibility/machinability of space-age and conventional materials.
    Raymond E. Howe, editor. [1st ed.]
TJ1189 .L438 1986                        1986
    Leatham-Jones, Barry.
    Introduction to computer numerical control / Barry Leatham-Jones.
TJ1195 .R132 1996                        1996
    Radwin, Robert G.
    An ergonomics guide to hand tools / by Robert G. Radwin and Jonathan T.
    Haney ; prepared under the auspices of the AIHA Ergonomics Committee.
    Subtitle on cover: Ergonomics guide
TJ1377 .E39 1995                         1995
    Elevator industry : field employees' safety handbook /
    Field employees' safety handbook
TK152 .C124 1994                         1994
    Cadick, John.
    Electrical safety handbook / John Cadick.
TK152 .H112                              1976
    Haase, Heinz.
    Electrostatic hazards : their evaluation and control / Heinz Haase ;
    translated by Michael Wald.
TK168 .C989                              1968
    Cutler, Phillip.
    Outline for DC circuit analysis; with illustrative problems.
TK260 .U55 1995                          1995
    Understanding NE code rules on motors & motor controls. 2nd ed.
TK399 .S919                              1983
    Strock, O. J. (O. Jud), 1923-
    Telemetry computer systems : an introduction / by O.J. Strock.
TK431 .S454 1981 V.1                     1981
    Segall, B. Z. (Ben Z.), 1905-
    Electrical code diagrams / [author, B.Z. Segall].
    8th ed. / revised and updated by Gerald P. Bellsey.
TK431 .S454 1981 V.2                     1981
    Segall, B. Z. (Ben Z.), 1905-
    Electrical code diagrams / [author, B.Z. Segall].
    8th ed. / revised and updated by Gerald P. Bellsey.
TK435 .P132                              1959
    Page, John S
    Estimator's electrical man-hour manual, by John S. Page and Jim G. 
TK443 .K54                               1985
    King, Ralph W. (Ralph William), 1918-
    Construction hazard and safety handbook / R.W. King and R. Hudson.
TK453 .H878                              1955
    Hubert, Charles I
    Preventive maintenance of electrical equipment: preventive programs,
    trouble shooting, emergency repairs, operating techniques.
TK454 .T521 1992                         1992
    Thorpe, Tom, 1944-
    Computerized circuit analysis with spice : a complete guide to SPICE with
    applications / Tom Thorpe. 1st ed.
TK454.2 .L747                            1977
    Lindquist, Claude S.
    Active network design with signal filtering applications / Claude S.
TK454.2 .M684                            1969
    Mitra, Sanjit Kumar.
    Analysis and synthesis of linear active networks.
TK1001 .I61 1990                         1990
    IEEE recommended practice for industrial and commercial power systems
    analysis / sponsor, Power Systems Engineering Committee of the IEEE
    Industry Applications Society.
TK1005 .I61 1987                         1987
    Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.
    IEEE recommended practice for emergency and standby power systems for
    industrial and commercial applications / sponsor, Power Systems
    Engineering Committee of the Industrial and Commercial Power Systems
    Department of the IEEE Industry Applications Society.
TK1005 .W947 1993                        1993
    Wright, A. (Arthur)
    Electrical power system protection / A. Wright and C. Christopoulos.
    1st ed.
TK1041 .O71 1990                         1990
    Orlando, J. A.
    Cogeneration planner's handbook / by Joseph A. Orlando.
TK1073 .A955 1994                        1994
    Avery, William H.
    Renewable energy from the ocean : a guide to OTEC / William H. Avery and
    Chih Wu.
TK2181 .H236 1987                        1987
    Handbook of electric machines  / Syed A. Nasar, editor-in-chief.
TK2511 .S622                             1959
    Siskind, Charles Seymour, 1897-
    Electrical machines; direct & alternating current. 2d ed.
TK2551 .M414                             1943
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Dept. of Electrical Engineering.
    Magnetic circuits and transformers; a first course for power and
    communication engineers, by members of the staff of the Department of
    Electrical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology ...
TK3226 .S628T                            1952
    Skilling, Hugh Hildreth, 1905-
    Transient electric currents. 2d ed.
TK5105.875 .I57 E21 1994                 1994
    Eddings, Joshua.
    How the Internet works / Joshua Eddings ; illustrated by Pamela Drury
Federal Supplement                 2009
    Volume 594 F. Supp.2d
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