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Announcement No:  	D94131	   (Public - U.S. Citizens)
Title/Series/Grade: 	Technical Information Specialist, GS-1412-09
(Prom. Pot. GS-12)
Opens:		13 Aug 2009
Closes:		10 Sep 2009
Location:		Ft. Belvoir, VA              

DTIC offers competitive salaries, flexible work schedules, family
friendly environment, employment related paid training and education,
bonuses, and awards.  We are seeking talented people who want
challenging assignments in a progressive organization.  Located at Ft.
Belvoir, VA, in the Andrew T. McNamara Headquarters Complex, we provide
on-site access to free parking, free state-of-the-art fitness facility,
a federal credit union and a fee-based child care development center.
Please feel free to forward this message to individuals who might be
interested in such a position.

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