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August 24, 2009
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HF5549 .K55 1999                         1999
    Kinlaw, Dennis C.
    Coaching for commitment : interpersonal strategies for obtaining superior
    performance from individuals and teams / Dennis C. Kinlaw.
    2nd ed.
TA174 .Y68 1991                          1991
    Young, Kim H.
    Mastering MicroStation MDL designed to master the powerful microstation
    development language one step at a time. / [by] Kim H. Young, P.E.
TA418.9 .B396                            1968
    Becker, Walter E.
    U.S. sandwich panel : manufacturing/marketing guide / by W. E. Becker.
TA418.9.C6 A244                          1978
    Symposium on Advanced Composite Materials--Environmental Effects, Dayton,
    Ohio, 1977.
    Advanced composite materials--environmental effects : a symposium /
    sponsored by ASTM Committee D-30 on High Modulus Fibers and Their
    Composites, American Society for Testing and Materials, Dayton, Ohio,
    29-30 Sept. 1977 / J. R. Vinson, editor.
TA418.9.C6 H638 1987                     1987
    High temperature polymer matrix composites / edited by Tito T. Serafini.
TA418.9.C6 S989C                         1969
    Symposium on Interfaces in Composites, San Francisco, 1968.
    Interfaces in composites; a symposium.
TA419 .U58 1974                          1974
    United States. Forest Products Laboratory, Madison, Wis.
    Wood handbook : wood as an engineering material / by Forest Products
    Laboratory, Forest Service, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture.
    Rev. [Madison] : The Laboratory ; Washington : for sale by the Supt. of Docs.,
TA439 .W116 3362                         1962
    Waddell, Joseph J.
    Practical quality control for concrete / Joseph J. Waddell.
TA440 .B583                              1967
    Bicz*ok, Imre.
    Concrete corrosion and concrete protection.
    Rev. and enl. ed.
TA440 .P497 1990                         1990
    Petrography applied to concrete and concrete aggregates / Erlin/Stark,
TA455.A6 A466 1989                       1989
    Alternatives to asbestos : the pros and cons / edited by A.A. Hodgson.
    Chichester ; New York : Published on behalf of the Society of Chemical
TA455.A6 A799                            1979
    Asbestos, properties, applications, and hazards / edited by L. Michaels,
    S.S. Chissick.
TA455.P5 B468                            1969
    Benjamin, B. S. (Bezaleel Solomon), 1938-
    Structural design with plastics [by] B. S. Benjamin.
TA455.P5 B619 1988                       1988
    Birley, Arthur W.
    Plastics materials : properties and applications / A.W. Birley, R.J.
    Heath, M.J. Scott. 2nd ed.
TA455.P5 T759 1990                       1990
    Traceski, Frank T.
    Specifications & standards for plastics & composites / Frank T. Traceski.
    [Materials Park, OH] : ASM International, the Materials Information
    Society, c1990.
TA455.P55 C748                           1968
    Conference on Fundamental Aspects of Fiber Reinforced Plastic Composites,
    Dayton, Ohio, 1966.
    Fundamental aspects of fiber reinforced plastic composites. Edited by R.
    T. Schwartz and H. S. Schwartz.
TA455.P58 P578                           1984
    Physical properties of polymers / James E. Mark ... [et al.].
TA459 .S187                              1963
    Samans, Carl Hubert
    Metallic materials in engineering.
TA459 .S193 1988                         1988
    Samuels, Leonard Ernest, 1922-
    Metals engineering : a technical guide / Leonard E. Samuels.
TA460 .A548 V.1                          1983
    Anderson, Robert Clark.
    Inspection of metals / Robert Clark Anderson.
TA460 .B881R 1970                        1970
    Review of developments in plane strain fracture toughness testing / W.F.
    Brown, Jr., editor. Plane strain fracture toughness testing.
TA460 .O58                               1967
    O'Neill, Hugh, 1899-
    Hardness measurement of metals and alloys. 2nd ed.
TA460 .S932T 1985                        1985
    Structural steel shop inspector training guide for training and
    qualification of structural steel shop inspectors. /
TA460 .T411                              1976
    Symposium on Thermal Fatigue of Materials and Components, New Orleans,
    Thermal fatigue of materials and components : a symposium, Philadelphia,
    Pa. [i.e. New Orleans], 17-18 Nov., 1975 / sponsored by ASTM, Committee
    E-9 on Thermal Fatigue of Materials and Components [i.e. Committee E-9 on
    Fatigue], American Society for Testing and Materials ; D. A. Spera and D.
    F. Mowbray, editors.
TA462 .A512 1973                         1974
    Corrosion in natural environments : three symposia presented at the
    seventy-sixth annual meeting American Society for Testing and Materials,
TA462 .A512                              1968
    Symposium on Metal Corrosion in the Atmosphere (1967 : Boston, Mass.)
    Metal corrosion in the atmosphere : a symposium.
TA462 .B789                              1978
    Fink, Frederick W.
    Corrosion of metals in marine environments / W. K. Boyd, F. W. Fink.
TA462 .B877                              1977
    Brown, Benjamin Floyd, 1920-
    Stress corrosion cracking control measures / B. F. Brown.
TA462 .C452                              1965
    Champion, Frederick Alfred.
    Corrosion testing procedures [by] F. A. Champion. 2d ed.
TA462 .C738 1992                         1992
    Computer modeling in corrosion / Raymond S. Munn, ed.
TA462 .C747                              1968
    Wilson, Clarence L.
    Corrosion and the maintenance engineer, by C. L. Wilson and J. A. Oates.
TA462 .C825C                             1967
    The corrosion of light metals [By] Hugh P. Godard [and others]
TA462 .C825S                             1984
    Corrosion / compiled by consulting editor Seymour K. Coburn.
    Metals Park, Ohio : American Society for Metals ; Houston, Tex. : National
    Association of Corrosion Engineers, c1984.
TA462 .D321 1987                         1987
    Degradation of metals in the atmosphere : a symposium sponsored by ASTM
    Committee G-1 on Corrosion of Metals, Philadelphia, PA, 12-13 May 1986 /
    Sheldon W. Dean and T.S. Lee, editors.
TA462 .R759                              1957
    Romanoff, Melvin.
    Underground corrosion.
TA462 .S561 1976 V.1                     1976
    Shreir, L. L.
    Corrosion / edited by L. L. Shreir. 2d ed.
TA462 .S561 1976 V.2                     1976
    Shreir, L. L.
    Corrosion / edited by L. L. Shreir. 2d ed.
TA462 .S915S 1971                        1972
    Symposium on Stress Corrosion (1971 : Detroit, Mich.)
    Stress corrosion cracking of metals--a state of the art / H. Lee Craig,
    Jr., symposium chairman.
TA462 .S989                              1967
    Symposium on Stress Corrosion Testing (1966 : Atlantic City, N.J.)
    Stress corrosion testing : [papers].
    Philadelphia : American Society for Testing and Materials, c1967.
TA462 .W518                              1965
    West, J. M. (John Michael)
    Electrodeposition and corrosion processes [by] J.M. West.
TA467 .G661                              1960
    Gorbunov, N. S. (Nikola*i Stepanovich)
    Diffuse coatings on iron and steel. [Translated by S. Friedman, A. Artman
    and Y. Halprin].
    Moscow, Academy of Sciences of the USSR, 1958 [i.e. Jerusalem, Israel
    Program for Scientific Translations; available from the Office of
TA467 .L665                              1962
    Vseso*i*uzny*i sovet nauchno-tekhnicheskikh obshchestv.
    Intercrystalline corrosion and corrosion of metals under stress. Edited by
    I.A. Levin.
TA479 .A512                              1965
    American Society for Testing and Materials.
    Advances in the technology of stainless steels and related alloys.
TA479.S7 C718                            1967
    Colombier, Louis, 1896-
    Stainless and heat resisting steels [by] L. Colombier [and] J. Hochmann.
    Translated by Scripta Technica ltd.
TA480 .A471A                             1967
    Aluminum Company of America.
    Adhesive bonding Alcoa aluminum / Aluminum Company of America.
TA480.C7 L527                            1971
    Leidheiser, Henry.
    The corrosion of copper, tin, and their alloys.
TA480.T54 S989                           1968
    Symposium on Applications Related Phenomena in Titanium Alloys, Los
    Angeles, 1967.
    Applications related phenomena in titanium alloys; [papers]
TA480.Z6 S555                            1965
    Schikorr, Gerhard Oskar Emil, 1901-.
    Atmospheric corrosion resistance of zinc / [by] G. Schikorr.
    London : Zinc Development Association ; New York : American Zinc
    Institute, 1965.
TA481 .S989                              1968
    Symposium on Metal Matrix Composites, Boston, 1967.
    Metal matrix composites.
TA490 .W852                              1962
    Woldman, Norman Emme, 1899-
    Engineering alloys. 4th ed.
TA492.P6 S413                            1969
    Schweitzer, Philip A.
    Handbook of corrosion resistant piping, by Philip A. Schweitzer.
TA593 .A512P V.2                         1966
    American Society of Photogrammetry.
    Manual of photogrammetry.
    3d ed. Editor-in-chief: Morris M. Thompson. Associate editors: Robert C.
    Eller, William A. Radlinski [and] Julius L. Speert.
TA593 .M695                              1967
    Moffitt, Francis H.
    Photogrammetry [by] Francis H. Moffitt.     2d ed.
TA642 .R896                              1966
    Rubinstein, Moshe F.
    Matrix computer analysis of structures [by] Moshe F. Rubinstein.
TA645 .A842                              1966
    Asplund, Sven Olof
    Structural mechanics; classical and matrix methods.
TA681 .V665                              1958
    Viest, Ivan M. (Ivan Miroslav), 1922-
    Composite construction in steel and concrete for bridges and buildings /
    [by] Ivan M. Viest, R.S. Fountain [and] R.C. Singleton.
TA1229.5 .G946 2000                      0019
    Guide to occupational exposure values / compiled by the American
    Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists.
    Occupational exposure values
TA1229.5 .G946 2000                      0019
    Guide to occupational exposure values / compiled by the American
    Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists.
    Occupational exposure values
TA1570 .I43                              1975
    Infrared detectors / edited by Richard D. Hudson, Jr. and Jacqueline
    Wordsworth Hudson.
TA1632 .B189                             1982
    Ballard, Dana Harry.
    Computer vision / Dana H. Ballard, Christopher M. Brown.
TA1632 .B355 1984                        1988
    Baxes, Gregory A.
    Digital image processing : a practical primer / Gregory A. Baxes.
TA1632 .D232                             1977
    Data extraction and classification from film : [proceedings [of a seminar
    held] August 23-24, 1977, San Diego, California / Robert D. Leighty,
TA1632 .L746 1990                        1991
    Lindley, Craig A.
    Practical image processing in C : acquisition, manipulation, storage /
    Craig A. Lindley.
TA1632 .L746 1990                        1991
    Lindley, Craig A.
    Practical image processing in C : acquisition, manipulation, storage /
    Craig A. Lindley.
TA1632 .S297 1989                        1989
    Schalkoff, Robert J.
    Digital image processing and computer vision / Robert J. Schalkoff.
TA1635 .W126 1994                        1994
    Waegemann, C. Peter.
    The handbook of optical memory systems : feasibility, design,
    implementation / by C. Peter Waegemann ; edited by Susan Cisco.
    3rd ed.
TA1637 .D255 1998                        1998
    Davies, Adrian, 1953-
    The digital imaging A-Z / Adrian Davies.
TA1637 .D637 1995                        1995
    O'Gorman, Lawrence.
    Document image analysis / Lawrence O'Gorman, Rangachar     Kasturi.
TA1637 .D732 1995                        1995
    Dougherty, Edward R.
    Introduction to real-time imaging / Edward R. Dougherty, Phillip A.
    Laplante. Real-time imaging
TA1637 .E38 1999                         1999
    Electronic imaging technology / Edward R. Dougherty, editor.
TA1637 .N476 1996                        1995
    Networks and imaging systems in a Windowed environment / Marc R. D*
    Alleyrand, editor.
TA1637 .S617 1998                        1998
    Sinha, Divyendu.
    Introduction to computer-based imaging systems / Divyendu Sinha, Edward R.
TA1750 .N972 1987                        1987
    Nunley, William, 1928-
    Infrared optoelectronics : devices and applications / William Nunley, J.
    Scott Bechtel.
TA1800 .F443E 1987                       1987
    Fiber optics engineering : processing and applications / Thomas O. Mensah
    and Pundi L. Narasimham, editors ; [contributors] J.A. Amelse
TC173 .S757 1958                         1958
    Foxboro Company, Foxborough, Mass.
    Principles and practice of flow meter engineering / [by] L. K. Spink.
    8th ed., rev. and enl.
    Foxboro, Mass. : Foxboro Co., [1958]
TD9 .E61 1980                            1980
    Environmental glossary / edited by G. William Frick.
TD145 .F163 V.1                          1966
    Fair, Gordon Maskew, 1894-
    Water and wastewater engineering [by] Gordon Maskew Fair, John Charles
    Geyer [and] Daniel Alexander Okun. With chapters on information analysis
    and optimization techniques by Myron Bernard Fiering.
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