In the MODS-MARC map, <subject><hierarchicalGeographic> maps to 752.  
However, in the MARC format, 752 is meant for an "added entry [NOTE: not 
subject heading] in which the entry element is a hierarchical form of 
place name that is related to a particular attribute of the described 
item, e.g., the place of publication for a rare book."

Shouldn't <subject><hierarchicalGeographic> map instead to 662, 
"Hierarchical form of a geographic name used as a subject added entry"?

We are using LC's conversion tools but would like our subjects to map to 
6xx, not 7xx.

It looks like 662 might be a relatively new addition to the MARC format 
and so I'm wondering if this is just an oversight?

Thanks for your help!

Jane Otto
E-Monographs and Multimedia Metadata Librarian
Rutgers University Libraries

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