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> Dan, I'm not sure what you are describing with:
> > <title xml:lang="ru">
> > 	<value>Война и мир</value>
> > 	<transliteration standard="?">Voyna i mir</transliteration>
> > 	<translation xml:lang="en">
> > 		<value>War and Peace</value>
> > 		<transliteration standard="none"> Уор енб пеаке</transliteration>
> > 	</translation>
> > </title>
> Is this describing a book in hand that is in Russian?

:-) Good question ! I was thinking to a manifestation, i.e. an edition. But it could be an expression (the Tolstoy's 

We can object to the idea of translating the title of an expression. But in scientific journals (and bibliographic 
databases) is common practice, right ?

> kc

Dan Matei