The EAC Working Group is pleased to announce the upcoming release of the EAC-CPF schema and Tag Library on 21 August. The EAC-CPF Schema is a standard for encoding contextual information about persons, corporate bodies, and families related to archival materials using Extensible Markup Language (XML). The standard supports the exchange of ISAAR (CPF) compliant authority records.

The 21 August release will be a "final draft" version of the EAC-CPF schema and Tag Library.  The final draft version is being released to provide the international archival community an opportunity to test the schema and review the Tag Library in order to provide corrections, comments, and suggestions to the EACWG for its consideration before the final release.  The final draft version of EAC-CPF will be available for review for 60 days, and the final version will be released soon thereafter. Please plan to take the time to test the schema, review the Tag Library, and provide the EACWG with your findings.

In behalf of the EAC Working Group

Lina Bountouri
Archivist - Librarian, MSc
Ionian University