As I am looking to a design allowing (for instance) the European Library 
to query a SolR index of bibliographic references, I am wondering if a 
parameterized module exists to do this!

Another question: I worked a lot to integrate authority lists with 
DSpace. This allows to store concept codes in a database and to index 
all its translations and synonyms.

This bring a problem: where the concept code has to be translated into 
the user language?
In the SRU response? Then the SRU request must specify the user language 
(is it the case?)
In the SRU client (or in the calling application)? Then the client 
application will need the possibility to query the authority lists to 
translate the concepts codes it encounters in the SRU query results.

I will be happy to read your thoughts!
Have a nice week-end!

Christophe Dupriez

P.S. The application I am working on (with authority lists) is beginning 
its operations:
SolR will be for a new one...