There were several questions raised last week about repeatable 260 fields
and newly defined subfields for 490 and 8XX. LC's Policy and Standards
Division and COIN staff members are drafting proposed formatting
guidelines for subfields in 490/8XX for OCLC and the PCC Standing
Committee on Standards to provide some feedback on. We will make these
guidelines available as soon as possible.

In the meantime --- last week I supplied some tentative replies to other
questions. I have confirmed the following with Judy Kuhagen, Dave Reser,
and Bob Hiatt of PSD:

1) We can consider use of a colon in $3 in the 260 field , 490, and 8XX to
be an LC/PCC practice. PSD staff will include the colon in all $3 field
examples in LCRIs they are in the process of updating. Also a new version
of the LC/PCC guidelines for repeatable 260 will be posted soon that
reflects the practice.

2) Adam Schiff asked if we would ever use $w in  the 8XX, we thought
others might also have questions about $0 in the 8XX. At this point LC
does not have plans for using either subfield (as noted in our latest
announcement to CDS subscribers at , see section 2. on
Bibliographic Elements for Future Implementation).  Use of these new
subfields will require further analysis and possible system changes.

3) Some have asked about application of repeatable 260s to pre-AACR 2
records. LC will apply guidelines for repeatable 260 to AACR2 records to
show current changes and not convert data in existing 500 fields to
repeatable 260s. This follows a principle used often by the PCC when
implementing new procedures, we apply the new convention from now forward
and don't ask catalogers to spend time converting existing data
unnecessarily. However, individual PCC institutions and other libraries
should make their own decisions about converting existing data in OCLC
master records and application to pre-AACR2 records based on their local
needs and workloads.

Les Hawkins
CONSER Coordinator
Library of Congress
Tel. 202 707-5185
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